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Managing Director of Marketing, HBRG
HBR Group
Full Time
Brighton, Brighton

Reporting to the Harvard Business Review Group (HBRG) Group Publisher and serving as a member of HBRG’s senior management team, the Managing Director of Marketing leads HBRG’s consumer marketing, eCommerce, and customer analytics and insight functions. This position has P&L responsibility for the circulation (subscriptions and newsstand) and eCommerce lines of business. While leading the senior functional heads for consumer marketing and customer analytics, this role is responsible for leveraging their combined capabilities to develop a comprehensive audience growth and retention strategy that delivers steady gains in revenues and margin year-over-year. Central to this strategy is the development of a customer data and segmentation strategy that can be leveraged across marketing, audience development, and the advertising functions. 

The Managing Director of Marketing is responsible for guiding the Directors of Consumer Marketing and Customer Analytics & Insight to develop and lead teams in executing all aspects of HBRG’s marketing strategy to drive growth in audience levels across multiple segments (anonymous, registered, and paid), increase subscription conversion and product purchases, while achieving efficiencies that lower the cost of customer acquisition. Along with growing HBR’s audience and circulation levels, this role provides guidance on developing subscriber engagement and retention strategies to achieve strong retention rates and continuously increase the lifetime value of HBRG’s customer base. 

This role is central to leading HBRG’s growth efforts and therefore partners with HBRG’s other senior leads to develop strategy and execution plans across multiple areas of business. These include: partnering with the heads of Product Management and Editorial to develop go-to-market strategies for new offerings such as learning products, network/community membership, and events. Partnering with the Managing Director of Sponsor Activities on audience data and segmentation strategies; Partnering with the HBP international team on circulation growth strategies in strategically important regions outside the U.S. Partnering with the leads for Business Analytics and Audience Research to set performance and market research priorities. 

As part of HBRG’s leadership team, the Managing Director of Marketing will work closely with the Group Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, and senior colleagues to develop the Group’s strategy and performance goals as part of HBP’s annual and long-term planning cycles. It also supports HBRG corporate and unit responsibilities: goal setting, revenue targets and expense budgets, unit updates, HBRG staff and offsite meetings. 

Management Responsibilities: 
The Director of Consumer Marketing and Director of Customer Analytics and Insights are direct reports to this role. The Asst. Director of eCommerce and the Marketing Operations functions are 2nd-level reports. This role is responsible for supporting the ongoing professional development of individuals in their reporting structure, including both functional and general management abilities. 

Areas of Strategic Focus: 
Define the circulation strategy to meet growth targets and a refine the circulation model to incorporate tiered offers and time-based offers. 
• Partner with the Director of Customer Analytics and Director of Consumer Marketing to execute the customer strategy for growth 
• Partner with HBRG business director and Director of Consumer Marketing to refine the global circulation model to plan for multiple offers, price points, payment frequency, and churn rate 
• Ensure that tiered-offer marketing delivers incremental growth at each level, while maintaining or increasing average order value 
• With Director of Consumer Marketing, evaluate and adjust pricing models; update pricing strategy as needed 
• Analyze newsstand channel and determine alternatives to retain single copy purchasers while replacing declining revenues through other sources 
• Partner with the Director of Consumer Marketing and head of International to grow HBRG’s circulation market share in strategically important regions: Africa, India, China, Nordics 
Define and execute HBRG’s Customer Strategy: 
• Define our “audience portfolio” of high-value customers and registered users to ensure we have the optimal mix — and align customer acquisition efforts to portfolio targets 
• Create and communicate customer insights at a granular level through refined segmentation and modeling practices 
• In partnership with the head of Customer Analytics and her team, develop audience segmentation that addresses needs in editorial and product development, marketing, Analytic Services, and other sponsorship activities 
• Establish and improve Customer Lifetime Value metrics that encompass not only revenue opportunities but profitability and 3rd party opportunities as well 
• Analyze and devise mechanisms for accelerating the customer conversion funnel 
• Design and execute an omnichannel experience for HBRG customers (, apps, retail, social, events, customer service, etc.) 
• Align organizational resources in proportion to customer segments and value (conversion focus vs. engagement focus vs. premium membership focus) 
• Develop consistent messaging about the value we deliver to customers as we evolve form a pure media play to a media and learning offering 
• Scope future/new audience segments (younger professionals, frontier markets) and evaluate and prioritize acquisition efforts 

Support development of the data strategy to support a data-driven revenue model to amplify growth in Analytic Services and aggregated data monetization. 
• Support and guide the Director of Customer Analytics and Insight as she develops the strategy 
• Model revenue opportunities for aggregated data monetization as well as data-fueled premium membership and network models (benchmarking, personalization) 
• Partner with Business Director and Director of Customer Analytics to ensure HBRG is current and compliant with global data privacy regulations and practices 
• Partner with the Managing Director, Sponsor Activities and the Analytic Services team to align with growth strategy and determine what types of data and analysis will increase client willingness to pay and fuel new product concepts 
• With members of the customer analytics team, design data collection and visualizations for learning product and author dashboard

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